Reproductive Health

Anchorage’s Reproductive Health Specialists


Do you want to get pregnant, but are having trouble conceiving? Discovering the reason can be a difficult process; let us be there to help. Each of the four major causes of female infertility - endometriosis, ovulation problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, and female tube blockages - have different symptoms, origin and possible solutions. Our staff at Paula Korn A.N.P. is highly-trained in this area, so we’ll find the root cause and determine the best treatment.


Did you know that women who are cared for by one midwife from pregnancy through to birth report having lower rates of intervention and higher rates of satisfaction with their birthing experience? Through our midwife services at Paula Korn A.N.P., we’ll work in partnership with you from pregnancy to birth and the postnatal period. No need for multiple medical offices. We’ll provide advice and support, as well as doing all the routine checks of you and baby. 


When you’re looking for contraception, which of the many different methods should you choose? There are several factors to consider. When we meet, we’ll first discuss your lifestyle and health risks, in addition to any worries you might have. You should feel comfortable in our friendly and understanding clinic to discuss your concerns and your life choices frankly. We never judge! Together we’ll determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Your health and safety is our primary concern. Contact us today for an appointment regarding your reproductive health – or any other women’s health topic.
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